Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day 3 & 4 & Results

The picture below depicts my transformation. The one most right was taken before the lipo, at home. Middle pic was during the lipo when some liquid had been pumped into my thighs. Left pic was immediately after the lipo.

Day 3 and 4, the pain didnt get any lesser. Though by Day 3 my feet had stopped swelling.

I managed to wash my hair on day 3 myself. Also, decided it was too boring just staying inside the clinic all the time. Got the driver to drive me to Sunplaza to have a nice meal in Dome, as well as bought some sushi back for dinner, and breakfast for next morning from Breadtalk. Also went to buy the famous Medan Kueh Lapis from the shop that usually customers of Dr Arthur would go.



Grilled Salmon
I tracked the development of the bruises too!

Order as such

The bruises took about 7 days to fade to a pale yellow and another 3 days to completely disappear. However, the intense pain in the thighs lasted a good 2 weeks. This was even with daily massages that I do myself in the morning and at night, and professional massage at Healing Touch twice a week. After 2 weeks, its not as painful as before, but there was always a very very tight feeling - its as though something was being pulled or stretched inside the thighs. Constant massage helped to ease this tightness for a while, but it came back all the time.

I wore the 2XU tights everyday and night for a month.

After 3 weeks, all the pain were gone. 

Today it is already been 4 months and 2 weeks. The parts which were bruised pretty badly (the very red and black parts) are now a darker shade than other parts of the skin. Dr Arthur did warn me about this discolouration. But I guess no one would really stare at my thighs to notice this.

As I have thunder thighs to start with, I am not expecting to get super model legs after lipo. In fact, only 3 litres max of fats can be aspirated safely. So 3 litres isn't really going to make my thighs very slim. But I am happy with the results as the fatty bits on my knees and the inner thigh are gone! And my outer thighs look more defined. 

If you asked me if going through all this pain was worth it, I would say YES. I have never done any operation in my life, and I am allergic to painkillers. Not sure if this actually makes the pain more unbearable? However, tolerating 3 weeks of pain and getting a nicer pair of thighs is definitely worth all the hardship.

Next up, I am going back to Dr Arthur to fix my calves in May 2014. I wonder why my legs are so freaking fat!! :( But I am looking forward to a nicer pair of calves.


  1. Hi,

    I am gg to Dr's Arthur to do maybe thighs this time rd (previously done arms n abdomen) and since I am also intending to stay 5D4N, I was just wondering by the time you leave the clinic, were you able to walk as per normal and not appear walking awkwardly? Was a bit worried on this portion especially in the airport coz with the swell and soreness would walking be affected? Scared kanna question by immigration officers...

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    2. Gahhh sorry for not checking and super late reply.
      By the time I left the clinic, still unable to walk normally. Yes it will be very awkward. But just have to walk slower and act as normal as you can.
      Actually I was also wondering if someone from airport would have questioned me. But no, didn't happen. I guess at most u say u fall down and sprain your leg haa

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  2. May I know the cost? Can you share more of your experience with me?

    1. U can email me your qns at :)

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