Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day 2 of Thighs Liposuction

I have to mention that a gown is provided by the clinic, so I didn't bring alot of clothes with me. 

Basically, I only brought my sports bra, and wore the gown over it. For bottom, I have paper panties and a 2XU tights as advised by Jennifer since I did lipo on thighs. So my bag was really light. I went to buy the dettol shower gel too as I've read some girls were advised to bring dettol but Jennifer didn't really instruct me so. Bring your own toiletries too, such as toothbrush, facial wash, moisturizer, etc, unless you dont mind using those simple ones provided. 

For this trip where I stayed for 5D4N, I mainly ordered food from the menu and when I got quite sick of them, the driver drove me out (FOC) to Sunplaza where I bought food. However, the kitchen has a fridge, microwave oven and hot water. So if you like to bring some food along, as such bread, spreads, cup noodles, it is possible too. Then you don't have to endure the pain while walking around shopping for food. Sunplaza has some good brands like breadtalk, some sushi restaurant and Dome. There is a huge hypermart too if you want to buy fruits or whatever.

I woke up the next day, not quite sure what I was feeling. My thighs were bandaged and I struggled to go brush teeth. Standing up and walking was quite painful. But this was mainly because I am allergic to painkillers so the only medicine I could take was panadol. 

At about 10am, the nurse called my room phone and informed that I have to go downstairs for massage, as well as changing of dressings. She came to my room and helped me downstairs to the room beside the operating room. 

There were 6 holes made to each leg - 3 near the groin area, and 3 around the knee area. I think one of the holes on my right leg at the knee area still has some drainage going on and once the dressings were taken off, blood actually spluttered out. I thought it was morbidly amusing :D This blood splattering was nothing. The massage was! I believe the nurse was already being very careful and gentle, but simply pressing on my thighs was a killer! 

All the discarded dressings.
After massage, the nurse bandaged me up again and put on the 2XU tights. It was this horrifying moment that I realised I have to climb up the staircase myself, with my poor legs! And this is the staircase where everyday I have to go and up down to change dressing, to go out.

The mount Everest staircase!!!
I read about how some of the girls have feet that swelled to elephant size. Luckily for me, my feet swelled just a little. 

Some of the food from the menu, which I got sick of by Day 2.

Most of the time, I spent trying not to walk, on my bed in the room. I watched alot of dramas on my laptop. 


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