Monday, April 21, 2014

Liposuction- how it all started

YOLO - You Only Live Once!

Yes all of us do, sadly.

All of the 35 years of my life, I have this one major complaint - my fat legs.

I have inherited fat legs from my mom. From the thighs to the calves, they are just F.A.T. Always, I would look at the legs of my girl friends. Though they aren't supermodels' but they are slimmer than mine. And I would look at Victoria's Secrets Supermodels and their amazing legs, and feel why is life so unfair? :(

Well, life is never fair I guess. If you want things, you have got to make them happen!

But never have I really thought about liposuction till... age 35.

Perhaps, having just a few more years before hitting the big 4 messed with my mind and a little voice told me - Liposuction! It is the way to get slimmer legs!

I am a very efficient person. Once this thought crept in, I started to google furiously to understand how its done, whats gonna happen, the risks and who and where the best offers & services are.

There were many girls like me who have thought about lipo and blogged their personal experience. So it wasn't too difficult to find blogs with comparisons of different surgeons - in Singapore, in Medan and in Nara; and also forums where women discussed and bitched about their experiences.

In the end, different factors contributed to my decision, which was to have my very first lipo done in Medan with Dr Arthur Tjandra.

His website is here: 

So, very nervous, and not sure if I am doing the right thing (plus thinking I would most likely just die on the operation table), I wrote an email to Dr Arthur's administrator by the name of Jennifer Cotto. This was the start of my liposuction adventure.

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