Saturday, September 20, 2014

Liposuction of the calves

Googling online has returned almost close to zero results for liposuction of the calves in Singapore. Many Caucasians have done it in US or their homeland, but not much has been said in Singapore.

So, before I went for the operation, I met with Dr Arthur in Singapore when he was here for consultation. He warned it would be SERIOUSLY painful, worse than the thighs. I have had a lipo experience once and I really want slimmer calves. I was prepared to die for them!

On the 12-May-2014, again I arrived in Medan. This time, nothing was new to me, and I knew that I am not gonna die on the operation table.

The usual when I've arrived - I was shown to my room, the same room I stayed when I did my thighs. Then quickly took a shower and went to the operation room. Circles circles were drawn on my calves, Dr Arthur took some photos and videos and warned that I have big calf muscles. After taking out the fats, the calf muscles may be very obvious and there is nothing to do with the muscles unless I want to go to the extreme of breaking the ligaments, which sounds horrendous!

I think this time, the medication didnt knock me out totally. I could feel pain throughout the process. Usually its a dull pain with occasion sharp pains which left me crying. I remember in a stage of blurness I was telling the nurse its soooo painful.

After the ops, my calves were wrapped up. I had to get off the operation table to walk back to the room. To my horror, this time I couldnt even stand up at all. It was just really painful and my legs just feel very weak. As I am taller and bigger than the nurses they couldnt really support me, and Dr Arthur had to hold me himself. In the end, the driver was called to carry me up the stairs to my room. OMG!! I really didnt expect this.

Another thing that was not within my expectation was how bad my feet swelled. For the thighs lipo, my feet swelled only for 1 day and it subsided. This time, the swell persisted for 2 weeks even with daily massages.

However, I must say lipo of the calves recover quicker than thighs. Even though I couldnt walk myself immediately after the operation, but I could shuffle around in the clinic in a very awkward manner. And by end of 1st week, I could walk very well, like normal. The pain was all gone by end of 2nd week. Of course, I still couldnt wear heels yet. Bruising was much lesser compared to thighs too.

It has been 4 months and 1 week now. I am totally happy with my liposuction results. Below picture says it all. As I've always said, I do not need supermodel thin legs, I just want slimmer legs :) Thanks to Dr Arthur who made it happen for me!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your story and experience with liposuction. I've been considering doing it for a while but haven't really decided yet. Given your results, I think I'll go through with it. One question for you though: How long did it take for you to be back up to 100% afterwards?

    1. Apologies for late reply.
      Back up to 100% was about 4 weeks. But by 2nd week it's like almost 80% good :)

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  4. hi, did you experience any lumps/scar tissue left in your thighs even till now? or did you go to any professional massage? thanks!

    1. No lump or scar tissue for me. I went to healing touch for massage weekly immediately after reaching SG after the operation.